Holiday Time

Big nose

First I have to say that there will be no Dog Training on the 1st and 8th September. One of the reasons is that Lola and I will be on a dog activity camping holiday. We’ll be having a go at tracking, competition obedience, rally obedience, barrel racing, heelwork to music and agility. We will also be camping. Last time we camped I got a bit concerned about Lola being cold in the night as the temperature can drop really suddenly the minute the clouds clear. One change I’ve made is to swap from a body-shaped sleeping bag that made me feel like a caddis-fly larva, to a pod shaped bag which allows plenty of room for us to snuggle up together. My self-inflating mat is really comfortable, but not wide enough to allow room for Lola – she ends up draped over my legs. I found a 24×36 inch offcut of memory foam on Amazon for £12.50, which should be big enough for most dogs. I cut mine to a 2ft square with a serrated knife to fit the pouffe she spends much of the day on. Then it needed a cover. You could use a single duvet cover, but I had some hibiscus fabric donated by a friend and my experiments with printing fabric through my inkjet had yielded an image of Lola. A little bit of free embroidery on the sewing machine and….  Well, Lola likes it.

Bed lola pic

Bed embroidery2

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