Liver Cake Recipe

Many people have their own favourite Liver Cake recipe, this is mine. A dozen years back there was an easily accessible resource of dog treat recipes on the internet – just the recipes – no cute anecdotes, no declaration of how important that recipe was to that person. I tried a couple of the other recipes, but this is the one that I stuck with.

The proportions are pretty general 1 part flour to 3 parts liver, so it’s easy to scale up or down, or swap in different grains or proteins. I’ve made it with tinned fish instead of liver or non-wheat flours. If you use something like rice or potato flour, sift in a teaspoon of baking powder.

375g Liver
2 eggs
2-4 cloves of garlic
125g self-raising flour


Heat oven to 180ºC/ 350ºF/ Gas mark 4.

Line a large baking tray with non-stick parchment or a silicone mat. Whiz together the first three ingredients in a food processor or goblet blender until smooth. Do not fill the blender more than half full.

Scrape into a large bowl and stir in the flour. If you don’t sieve the flour you will probably have little white spots of flour left in the finished product. The dogs won’t mind.

Spread onto baking tray to a thickness of half an inch or just under a centimetre. Making the layer too thin will prevent the cake from rising. Bake around 30 minutes until the cake is risen and firm. If the underside looks damp, turn the cake over and return to the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Turn onto a cooling rack. From here you can let the cake get completely cold, cut into cubes and freeze most of it, keeping back the amount you will use in 3 days. Or, when its’ cool enough to handle, cut into cubes and return to a low oven to ‘toast’. When you squeeze a cube in your fingers and it only compresses a little (or not at all), let the cubes cool and you can bag them up and keep them in the cupboard. I usually freeze half and dry half. The squishy fresh/frozen cubes are more aromatic and generally more irresistible to dogs. The toasted ones are just more convenient as they have excellent keeping properties and you can just grab a handful to take with you on a walk or training session. Fresh liver cake will go mouldy after about three days and get sticky.

Fresh, cubed liver cake
After toasting

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