I have been teaching adults since 2001 and working with dogs since 2010. I have completed a great many courses and workshops with Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and the Institute of Modern Dog Training, focusing on basic skills, foundations, obedience and behaviour.

Total Recall Dog Training School uses kind, modern, proven methods to help you train your dog.

How does this work?

Progress is carefully structured using the motivation of food and play to teach your dog the behaviours he will need to stay safe in your household. No aversive equipment or techniques are used – your dog is required to wear a harness or flat collar and a fixed lead.

Puppy package

This allows you to get answers to questions you may have before even bringing your puppy home. Learn all you need to know about house training, feeding, exercise and all those foundation behaviours that lead to a peaceful life with your new wet-nosed pal.

Dog training package

Does your dog has trouble coming back when you call, pulling on the lead, or will she rush out of the door as soon as you open it? We can work on these basic behaviours, teach your dog tricks or just get him to listen to you.

Mala is very professional
in her approach and fun to work with. We learned a lot and I feel much more confident.

Isobel Harris

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