Got any questions?

Have you found yourself a lovely new pup, but need a little guidance regarding socialisation, manners, or walking nicely on a lead? Is your older dog doing things that you find a little concerning?

As there are no classes running at the moment, members of the dog lovers of GMHP WhatsApp group will be able to participate in an “Ask a Dog Trainer” event on Wednesday 11th November from 7pm. Post any dog-related questions on the group and they will be answered by Naomi and Mala. We can provide reassurance and advice and point you towards resources which you may find helpful

Naomi Clancy at Kennington K9s

Naomi is a qualified and highly experienced dog trainer and behaviourist with over 20 years of professional experience. You can find much more information in this article and on her website. She can be seen in GMHP and the local area with her German Shepherd dog, Portia



Mala Bissoon at Total Recall DTS

Mala is an artist, Medical Herbalist, dog trainer and former Anatomy lecturer. She is a Fenzi Dog Sports Academy Sports Foundations trainer and has been working with dogs for the past seven years, individually and in classes. Pictured here with Indie, the Picardy Sheepdog, and Lola the 11-year old Tibetan terrier mix who both have their Novice tricks certificates.


Jackie Delaney at Puss n Pooch

Jackie is a Think Dog!™ certified and accredited trainer and has extensive training experience with the international lecturer and pet behaviour specialist Sarah Whitehead. She is very well known in the local area, having lived here all of her life. You will have seen her with her Miniature Schnauzer, Otto.







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